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Now, more than ever, the legal industry is changing. Legal leaders are realizing that in order to succeed they must adapt to the rapid changes or risk falling behind. Luckily, the legal world is seeing an increased focus on thoughtful leadership and these individuals are influencing and innovating to the benefit of the clients, organizations, and industries they serve.


At the Lawyers Who Lead podcast, we celebrate these lawyers and set out to examine and learn from the extraordinary leadership they are exhibiting. Each week, one lawyer is invited to share how they are driving meaningful change in the legal industry. Our guests represent a diverse and exciting range of experiences but all have one thing in common, the pursuit of bettering the legal profession. Each episode explores the guest’s journey to leadership, the underlying principles that helped them make an impact, and devises ways listeners can apply these concepts in their own lives.

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Lawyers Who Lead is hosted by Sigalle Barness, a former practicing attorney and expert in storytelling, communications strategy, and business. With over 11 years of experience in legal education and professional development, Sigalle crafts and delivers content that empowers lawyers to excel, distilling complex concepts into clear, accessible insights, and sparking curiosity and innovation.


Her passion for knowledge sharing has driven significant outcomes in marketing methodologies and client relationships. She spearheads initiatives making legal education accessible, engaging, and relevant. Combining curiosity, creative thinking, and thoughtful execution, Sigalle drives strategies and content that resonate on a human level, emphasizing connection and understanding.


Her experience includes business storytelling, content strategy, podcast production, and the strategic use of generative AI. These skills drive growth, cultivate customer loyalty, and position platforms as pioneers with inventive course offerings.


Rooted in curiosity, creativity, and thoughtfulness, Sigalle excels in leadership, strategy, and content creation. She fosters authentic human connections and reshapes legal education and professional communication, always eager to connect with professionals to share strategies, exchange ideas, and promote mutual growth.


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