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Now, more than ever, the legal industry is changing. Legal leaders are realizing that in order to succeed they must adapt to the rapid changes or risk falling behind. Luckily, the legal world is seeing an increased focus on thoughtful leadership and these individuals are influencing and innovating to the benefit of the clients, organizations, and industries they serve.


At the Lawyers Who Lead podcast, we celebrate these lawyers and set out to examine and learn from the extraordinary leadership they are exhibiting. Each week, one lawyer is invited to share how they are driving meaningful change in the legal industry. Our guests represent a diverse and exciting range of experiences but all have one thing in common, the pursuit of bettering the legal profession. Each episode explores the guest’s journey to leadership, the underlying principles that helped them make an impact, and devises ways listeners can apply these concepts in their own lives.

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Lawyers Who Lead is hosted by Lawline’s Chief Storyteller, Sigalle Barness. Sigalle champions and grows Lawline’s brand awareness through impactful stories that are authentic, meaningful, and thought provoking. She designs communications strategies that underscore the why and how behind Lawline’s work.


Sigalle is an avid lover of jazz, video games, asking questions, and spicy food. She is also fluent in Hebrew and enjoys memoir writing, playing guitar, and dance parties with her husband and two children.


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Lawyers Who Lead is made possible by Lawline, the leading online learning platform for attorneys striving for engaging, relevant CLE and professional growth content. Lawline’s platform transforms traditional Continuing Legal Education (CLE) compliance into practical knowledge that accelerates an attorney’s ability to lead, grow, and serve.


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